Caribbean 2016: with kayaks along the Caribbean Islands from Grenada to the Bahamas (01.02.2016 31.07.2016)

6 months' time out under palm trees. A dream that many people had dreamed. We, Elke Grunwald and Markus Ziebell, let this dream come true in the next year. Our employers has given us a Sabbatical and released us from work for 6 month, and so at the beginning of February our airplane will take of in the direction of the Caribbean Islands. Starting in Grenada we will follow the leeward islands north then we turn west to the Virgin Islands, passing Puerto Rico and Hispaniola until we reach northern Islands of Bahamas. In front of us and our kayaks there lays a distance of more than 2000km with a great number of big crossings between the islands. The main wind direction comes from south and east so we will follow in this direction, even knowing that in June the chance of hurricanes is increasing in the Bahamas. Lonesome beaches under palm trees invites for diving and Robinson-feeling. The bigger islands offers the chance to plunge into the awareness of life of the Caribbean inhabitants in all their facets.

The planned route:

Map Caribbean Islands

A dream under palm trees, which you can follow here in this blog (german/english).

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Follow here the actual route: (beginning February 4, 2016)